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2nd Annual Sacred Visions Competition Powwow
July 23-25, Big Bend Ranch in Wadsworth

In 2009 the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and the Sacred Visions Pow-Wow Committee held the First Annual Sacred Visions Pow-Wow. The objective of this project was to attract out-of-state participants and spectators to the event, and in turn, create a positive economic impact for the economies of Northern Nevada and the Tribe. The Sacred Visions Pow-Wow Committee consists of a group of Tribal Members who have a vision to improve the quality of life on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. This group came together to create an event that wouPyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitor Center Photo 2ld bring the community together and promote the culture of the Tribe. The group was concerned that too many Tribal families were only coming together for funerals and court hearings and wanted to create an event to bring everyone together. The Committee worked closely with the Tribe to construct a pow-war arbor, promote the event, arrange for services to the event and prepare the area to accommodate a large crowd. Most of the work for the event was done with the help of volunteers from the committee and Tribal Staff. The event provided a rare opportunity for Members of the Tribe from all over the country to come back home to the reservation and participate in traditional cultural activities. The theme for the first annual Sacred Visions Pow-Wow was the "Bringing the People Home Powwow" and was held in Wadsworth, Nevada on July 24-26, 2009. The 2009 event featured 200 participants and 3,000 spectators over three days. Families and individuals representing many Tribal communities from across the western United States participated in the event, representing a diverse array of food, arts & crafts vendors, and dancers. The Tribe estimates that 2,000 of the participants and spectators came from outside of the area which generated a significant positive economic impact to the area. The visitors spent money and bolstered the local economy through dining and lodging in hotels located on the reservation and in surrounding communities. The Tribe estimates that 2,250 room nights were generated in the region as a result of the first annual Sacred Visions Pow-Wow. The Tribe estimates that the out of state visitors who attended the pow-wow contributed approximately $1,988,000 into the local economy. The first year event created a lasting partnership between the Tribe and the committee, which will continue to host the Sacred Vision Pow-Wow and build on its success year to year.



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How to get there:

From Reno to Big Bend Ranch, take I-80 east get off on the West Fernley Exit #46 turn left, go north 1.5 miles and arrive a Big Bend Ranch.

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